About Marc

About Marc

Investor & Entrepreneur

You hear it all the time from entrepreneurs: long before they were running successful businesses, their entrepreneurial spirit was alive. While some kids were selling lemonade on the street corner or inventing gadgets in the basement, at the tender age of five Marc saw his first business opportunity.

Marc naively believed that the crate of empty milk bottles the milkman left on the corner of his parent’s lot each week was going to be thrown out. Knowing that the local store owner would give him five cents for each bottle, Marc decided not to let those bottles go to waste. Each week he would take two bottles to the store and trade them in for money to buy candy—until his father found out!

Although his fledgling business may have been halted rather abruptly, the entrepreneurial spirit had taken root. By the time Marc turned nineteen, he had dropped out of school to pursue his business interests. While his dad was upset by Marc’s decision to abandon school, a few short years later he simply couldn’t deny his son’s entrepreneurial success. At twenty-two years old, Marc had already created a very profitable car detailing business and was making more money than his father.

When he turned twenty-four, Marc decided to buy his first house—a townhouse in a brand new development. Shortly before Marc was to move in, the developer went bankrupt, leaving the fifty-two-unit project (and Marc’s house) unfinished. Marc’s deposit money would have been lost if he hadn’t taken action.

With absolutely no Real Estate experience, Marc was bold enough to approach the bankruptcy trustee and acquire the rights to the entire project.

After two years of hard work, he assigned his rights to a developer for $250,000, who finished the houses and kept Marc on as General Manager of Operations and Sales. With the success of this first deal under his belt, Marc quickly realized the power of Real Estate to generate income.

Meanwhile, a local Real Estate development company had taken notice of Marc’s success and asked him to join their team. For the next ten years, Marc took on the role of junior partner, working on many Real Estate deals, handling financing, marketing, and investor relations for more than fifteen hundred condominium units. By 1994, Marc was ready to venture out on his own and decided to open his own property management company, Westmark Development Inc.

Operating out of Edmonton, Alberta, Marc’s company was responsible for the management of more than 1,100 units.

More recently, Marc has led international development projects in Florida and Central America, cementing his reputation as a straightforward businessman and seasoned Real Estate investor. Today, he continues to invest in Real Estate in Canada and the United States, focusing on distressed areas hardest hit by the credit crisis.




They say the law of attraction is a powerful force. It certainly played a critical role in Marc’s journey to becoming a Real Estate trainer. After completing Anthony Robbins’ “Date with Destiny” in 1990, Marc found his life’s purpose:

To Grow, To Educate Others
To Release To Freedom

It wasn’t until eleven years later that Marc’s life purpose was realized. Approached by a United States-based Real Estate training company Whitney Education Group, Tigrent Learning, and thereafter Rich Dad Poor Dad to help start their Canadian operations, Marc was asked to both develop the course curriculum and become a trainer.

Since then, Marc has delivered high-energy, information-packed training sessions to students on a range of Real Estate topics including foreclosure, lease options, land development, wholesale, property management, buy-rent-hold strategies, syndication, condo bylaws and contracts, negotiation, and creative finance. His training and mentoring have motivated thousands of students to become successful Real Estate investors and live their ultimate life.

Today Marc’s passion for training remains strong. Often questioned by students about why he teaches when he could make more money putting Real Estate deals together, Marc simply refers to his life purpose. After all, what is more energizing than giving people the knowledge to live their dreams!

If you’d like to have Marc speak at your next event, please send your request to Marc@mmousseau.com


For several years now, Marc’s students have been asking him to write a book—one that captures all the knowledge, strategies, and tips he provides in his seminars. But it wasn’t until mid-2009 that he decided to try his hand as an author. Marc currently has three books underway and expects to have them published by fall of 2013.

His first book, Freedom 15, is a step-by-step plan that Marc developed and followed to take himself from near bankruptcy thirteen years ago (an unfortunate outcome of the stock market crash of the ’90s and bad investments) to financial freedom today. The book will show you how to create unlimited, tax-free wealth by simply buying one property a year for the next fifteen years.

Marc’s second book, What Real Estate Gurus Don’t Tell You….or You Would Pay a Fortune to Get is the result of many years of watching so-called experts charge investors a fortune to learn only a small portion of what they need to know to start and run a successful Real Estate business.

Marc’s vision is to create a resource that does what no other Real Estate book does—not just what to do, but HOW to actually do it!

If you have topics that you would like to see covered in this book, please send your request to Marc@mmousseau.com. Your comments and feedback would be greatly appreciated!

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