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Our Foundation

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In July 2009, while honeymooning in Cambodia, we had the rare opportunity to visit the 3 of the kids we sponsor through Plan International.

As we arrived in the village of each of our sponsored kids, it didn’t take long to recognize the generous spirit of the Cambodian people.

We were graciously welcomed into the family home to share tea or fresh milk from a coconut.After getting to know each other a little, we were eager to give out the gifts we had brought with us a few  20 lb bags of rice, school supplies, toothbrushes and toothpaste, mosquito nets, sweats and, of course, toys.

The sheer joy of having a new pencil or something more to play with than a stick on the ground was evident in the faces of these children.

We were overcome with emotion.

The lasting effects of the Khmer Rouge genocide were evident in the dismal literary rates and devastating poverty in this community.

Instead of playing and going to school, many children spent their days working in the rice fields alongside their parents to help earn enough to survive.

We couldn’t escape the brutal conclusion that without an education these children had very little hope of creating a new future for themselves.

We decided then and there to help.

We created ICare Gives because we believe education helps children believe in themselves, dream of new possibilities and break free from poverty.

ICare Gives, Cambodia was created!

Read their story in Cambodia www.plancanada.ca


ICare Gives in Cambodia

At present, ICare Gives is working to build a middle school in the village of Run Ta Ek, Cambodia, where one of the children Lori and Marc sponsor through Plan International lives.
With middle school attendance at only 40%, this school is a vital initiative in breaking the cycle of poverty.

A direct donation fund through Plan International is being set up for people interesting in contributing to this worthy cause. In the meantime, if you would like to make a donation, please contact us directly at marc@mmousseau.com


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