One on One Phone Coaching

For those of you that want more then a quick fix, You want help now! Really want to grow. I have set up for you perfect combination of packages .

You can hire me by the minute, the hour, the day, the week, you can have me fly over to meet you, your team, the vendor, help you on due diligence, land development, condo conversion, what ever you need. I will be there for you!

This is where you are in total control, you decide when you want to speak, about what topic, what deal you want to review, how long you want to talk for, what document you want me to review before the call, you decide if you want me to talk to the real estate agent, the vendor, the city, the surveyor you decide.

It is simple, my calendar will be open for you to choose the time and the date, You book it, and we are on!

My basic program will give you 12 hours accounted for by the minute, you will have a recorded audio of our call for your library stating the time and date. You will also get my written notes of the call with action steps to be taken.

As part of this program i offer to review your deals before making the big decision, Send me the information about the deal and i will review, your deal, analyses it, give you my opinion on it, and I will add 10 minutes to your call.

If you want i will also help on the negotiation on it by contacting the agent, vendor on a tree way call!

For more information on our coaching programs you can contact me either by phone or by e-mail at:

Direct cell: 289-983-1515

or fill in this form and i will be happy to call you!


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