With more than thirty years of experience in Business and Real Estate, Marc has seen a lot. From being self-employed most of his life to developing $Multi-Million Real Estate development in Costa Rica, to co-ownership of a winery, he has gone through it!

Marc believes that coaching is by far the single most important aspect to reach your next level in life and business. When you set forth to reach higher levels of success in your life, no matter what you want more success in, getting coaching will massively decrease the time you take to reach your goal.

Finding clarity

In order to get the highest benefit from any coaching, it is absolutely crucial that you first know what you want. This is the single most important question a human being can ask you: what do you want?

Having clarity on what you desire will make it so much easier to know when you’ve found the right person to help you. Whether you want a life coach for greater happiness and all-around joy or a relationship coach or a health & fitness coach, a marketing coach, a business coach, to literally walk with you hand-in-hand to create the business and income that you truly desire, it is absolutely critical to first know what kind of coaching and mentoring you are looking for.

When you have that clarity in your wanting, your focus will automatically hone in on what you desire, and you will start to see more and more people coming into your life who can help you. Your thoughts create your reality, and what you focus on expands.
Your ideal coach will be able to look at any of your challenges or blocks, and be able to instantly see a solution where you don’t see it. Your coach will be able to teach you certain things to prevent obstacles from coming up, and overall, he or she will be there to share knowledge and experiences with you to massively decrease the amount of time you take to reach your goals.


What to look for in a coach ?

There are certain important criteria that are needed to choose what kind of coaching you want in your life. Below is a concise list for you. The coach you choose should:

  1. have walked the path ahead of you, and have created what you want to create in life. It’s all about learning from those who have what you want.
  2. be not TOO far ahead of where you want to be. If you’re making $0 a month online, and you want to make $10,000 a month online, finding coaching from someone who makes millions of dollars a month just isn’t the best match. Find someone who has recently been where you are.
  3. be genuinely interested in your success. As with all good business relationships, it must be a win-win.
  4. Which leads me to the most important point: follow your feelings. Your feelings do NOT lie. Do not take a logical approach to this. Although the above points are very important, the MOST important point is the alignment that you feel with your coach.

How do you FEEL when you communicate with this person? Can you feel that he or she is genuinely there for your success? Can you feel that he or she can actually help you get to where you want to go? Feel the sincerity in that person. Feel into his or her heart. Is it about the money for them? Or is it about the IMPACT they make? Is it about them growing their business? Or is it about seeing you succeed?

You want to know more about Marc Programs for Real Estate Coaching or you want to Grow Your Business programs.

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If you are interested in this with me and the possibility of hiring me as your personal coach, please feel free to contact me directly at 1-888-397-6272 or by e-mail:

From Being a student to being a Coach

Allmost 15 years ago I was then approached by what I would consider to be the top 2 real estate Gurus in North America. Russ Whitney (Tigrent Learning) and Robert Kiyosaki (Rich Dad Poor Dad)

Throughout a period of ten years I have trained close to 35,000 students on boot camps like, Millionaire U, Creative Financing, Due Diligence, Property Management, Condo Conversion, Wholesaling, Foreclosure, to Land Development, both nationally and internationally.

I also wrote most of their educational manuals based, all based on 30 years of experience and knowledge.

My expertise did not stop there I also trained Robert Kiyosaki and Russ Whitney trainers, to name a few, Jean Lebeau, Kelly Fry, Peter Massini, Shelly Hagen, Ray Ostander, and many many others.

Now I made it a life purpose to shares with others my wealth of knowledge by offering private coaching.

If you are interested in this with me and the possibility of hiring me as your personal coach, please feel free to contact me directly at 1-844-244-6272 or by e-mail:

Fill in this form and i will personally contact you to discuss your goals!

Why Choose Me ?

I have learned and applied from other’s, I have been blessed in life with meeting the right people.

After having completed my first real estate project, having worked hard and being honest I was approached by a Real estate Developer to come and work for them—Pierre Heafey and Ken Arsenault.

For more than twelve years I worked with them and learned from these masters of sales, business and real estates. I learned everything from negotiating , to property management to creative financing to condo conversion to land development to financial offering memorandums, to rehabs, foreclosures, hotel development, commercial real estate malls, and so on. They both took me under their wings and they are the reason I k now what I know in real estate. They became my business and real estate mentors.

TONY ROBBINSFollowing this a master appeared—Tony Robbins.
I learned, implemented, followed, everything I could from Tony and became a Life Mastery Graduate.

Tony Say’s :
“If you want to be successful, find someone who achieved the results you want and copy what they do and you’ll achieve the same results”.

At one of Life mastery events “Date With Destiny” I found my life purpose:

To Grow, Educate Others, and Release Them to Freedom !


On my life voyage I also had the opportunity of being coached by many other masters/ mentors: Jay Abraham, master marketing genius was one of them, I had devoured more then 5000 pages of materiel, listened to 200 hours of tape before the training that I took with Jay. To this day I still believe that Jay Abraham is the utmost authority in Marketing and growing your business.

Others that influenced me along this journey; General Norman Schwarzkopf Deepak Chopra, Jim Rohn, John Gray, Meir Ezra just to name a few.

My Life passion is a true testament to what coaching should be.



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