Coaching Corner Tip #5

The Day Dreamer’s!

Have you been day dreaming? Do you think that real estate is a get rich quick scheme? Do you think that it will be easy to find good deals? Do you think that people will give you good deals just because you’re asking for them? Well the answer to this is that if you answered yes to any of these  questions, you’re day dreaming!

Real estate is not a get rich quick formula for you to become rich, it is simply not! It will take time, it will take energy, it will take sacrifices, it will take discipline, it will take know all, and nobody will give you a deal served on a silver platter.

You have no idea how many students call me and ask me if I would have a deal, in a great location, at a great price, with vendor take back ,that they could buy with basically no money down!

My thought on this is “What Have You Been Smoking “if you want to get into this real estate business you must be willing to put in the time, the effort and the commitments and if you do so you will be rewarded!

The ratio of success for you to find a good deal is  “50 – 6 – 2 – 1”  this means that you will have to make 50 offers for six of them to be accepted, two of them will be acceptable to you, and you will probably closed on one of them.

If you understand this ratio and are willing to work the numbers, you easily could see where a lot of people get discouraged by the sheer fact of not having success immediately.

So my quick recommendation is not to despair you will succeed if you know your ratios.

Coach Marc

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